About Us


From when it was incorporated in 2008, the company has been building up a data network that offers truly fast internet speeds with unrivalled customer support and Quality of Service. Thus Capital Networks is solely responsible for the delivery of internet and data services to your doorstep.
From the undersea fiber cables landing point in Dar-es-salaam, Capital Networks owns completely the delivery of the service to your business, with full security and resilience throughout. Each node is engineered to provide you with carrier level service with minimum latencies.

Our Points Of Presence(POPS)
Each stage of the service delivery is shown in the diagram above, and is supported by our acclaimed support team that is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wholesale Focused
capitalNetworks is also focused on reselling capacity and value added services to other network operators and Internet Service Providers. We are focused on supporting your business and in developing further services that support your revenue growth and customer acquisition and retention strategies.
Leveraging on our 100% owned distribution network, we can guarantee high service levels; fast setups and at the same time offer highly competitive prices.